In 2015, Biomobila started as a project financed through European Funds, aiming to train and employ local people, otherwise unemployable. The project addressed to social and economic problems of this part of the country, using local assets: tradition, wood resources and workforce.  Wood working has a long history in the area because there are plenty of woods of various species nearby (oak, beech, ash, linden, cherry, larch,  spruce, fir etc.). Modern machines, supplies and old fashioned chisels equipped a production bay where Biomobila manufactures series and custom-made furniture for export or local clients. Since 2016 the company is self-financing completely .

We started our company with these three aims in mind:

First, to manufacture safe furniture for families, babies, persons with allergies, seniors, because furniture occupy a significant volume of our homes;

Second, to protect the environment through a clean manufacturing process;

Last, but not least, to commit to community we live in, through social involvement.

Parents of a chemical sensitive child, we realized early in his life that indoor air quality affects significantly his health. Our priority is to minimize the indoor air pollution from every home. We achieve this goal by using natural substances and materials in manufacturing process, because every chemical, natural or not, eventually breaks down and spreads in air or on surfaces. Through lungs, skin and mouth, chemicals enter the body and accumulate. On long term, not just the sensitive persons can feel the effect of this accumulation. Low indoor air quality due to furniture chemicals may cause symptoms such as headaches, tiredness, and allergic reactions to anyone.

We use for our furniture: solid wood, natural glues, natural oils, wax, earth colors and water-based varnish. Every material we use in production process is carefully chosen, to minimize environmental impact and pollution of the air we breathe, the water we drink and the earth we stand.

All furniture is manufactured from local tree species, thus minimizing the carbon footprint: oak, spruce, fir, larch, beech, hornbeam, ash, linden, cherry, walnut and other. Trees are harvested responsibly from nearby forests.

There are lots of reasons to love solid wood furniture, to advocate it and manufacture it, being in the same time, nature and forest lovers: it is enduring and sustainable; used gently, solid wood furniture can last generation after generation; it protects human health; ecological furniture manufacturing  protects air, water and soil.

As a social enterprise, our mission is to make a difference for people we work with. We strive to apply the principles of social responsibility in all activities we develop.

We train and employ persons in need, because Biomobila is a certified trainer company in woodwork. In this area of Romania, forced emigration due to economic reasons is a social plague. Social problems mount year after year because of families disintegration: alcoholism, child abandonment, school failure and depression are common problems because of unemployment and forced emigration.

We source wood and other materials with social responsibility.

We are a not-for-profit company, all earnings are used for development of staff and enterprise. As a social enterprise, the company is a certified trainer for unskilled workers and employer for people with disabilities.